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Discover the difference between oppositional students and ones diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and how to manage both kinds of students.
Identify common triggers for Oppositional Students and how to deal with them effectively.
Learn how to make discipline invisible.
Hear from these experts
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson, M.Ed Adm. has worked with students of all levels, from alternative high school to gifted classes. She has also been a junior high vice principal and is now working with teachers for continuing education in classes, distance learning and building leadership groups. She is a teacher emeritus who has led seminars for educators which focus on developing a quality learner environment for students and for teachers.
Michael Sedler
Mike Sedler, D.Min., M.S.W. has over 30 years of educational experience as an administrator, social worker, behavior specialist and teacher. Mike is passionate about children and emphasizes the importance of avoiding power struggles, offering options/choices to children, setting clear boundaries and guidelines as well as finding a place of positive engagement and connection with each individual.
Brenda McKinney
Brenda McKinney, M.A., CEO of Vancouver, WA based BrainVolution, is a developer and dynamic facilitator of workshops that teach practical thinking and learning tools for raising student achievement with the brain in mind. She has trained educators throughout the Pacific Northwest and is a popular presenter because of her ability to motivate, make things fun, and teach practical techniques for the classroom that can be used immediately. Her work with at-risk students and those with reading problems have made her a popular speaker at the state, regional and national level.
Mike Seymour
Mike Seymour, President of The Heritage Institute since 1993 also founder of a non-profit, Youth for a New World, which engaged youth in global issues
and solutions, and which launched the AfricaAmericaExchange connecting youth in Burundi and Washington State around issues of peace and justice.
Mike has been on the Board of several non-profits including Community for Youth, a Seattle-based mentoring program for at-risk students located in several of Seattleā€™s
most challenged high schools. Mike is the author of the text Educating for Humanity: Rethinking the Purposes of Education which argues for the importance today of an
integral approach to education that realizes the interconnectedness of the Earth Community.
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